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Personal Branding Photographer

Hiring a personal branding photographer, can boost your business incredibly! Our clients want more connection and real life these days. Showcasing who you are as a brand or person, is becoming essential. I know when I head to a website and their about me doesn’t feature a person I can’t help but feel a disconnect. Gone are the days of speaking in third person, here are the days of being unapologetically yourself!

Sophie from the Way of Gray, transformed her business from being fitness based to that of self-love. Considering such, she needed a personal branding photographer to give her a bit of a refresh and content for her social media channels that was more along the lines of her new direction.

Before each session, Sophie often created the majority of content she would need images for and devised a list that helped us stay on track but allowing us to both exercise our creatives juices and create something in the moment we had perhaps not thought of.

– TJ


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Are you rebranding in the new year too? Get in touch by sending a direct email to info [at] traceyjazmin.com and we can make your vision come to life!

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