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What To Look For in Your Wedding Photographer

Photography is one of the only things left from your wedding day that really captures it all. From the digital prints, you can turn it into hand torn prints and heirloom albums that will stand the test of time. It will become to one thing you use to remember the moments and look back on your wedding day. The dress hanging in your closet won’t show you the moment when your groom saw you for the first time and your flowers won’t either. As a wedding photographer myself, there are certain key things that you should find when choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding day. Here’s what to look for in your wedding photographer…

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If you’ve come across a photographer, figure out if they photograph weddings in a style that you love. If you’re unsure of what style you like just yet, take some time poking around Instagram and Pinterest. Like my Instagram feed, you can usually clearly tell their style right from the first nine images. The three styles of wedding photography as I type are: documentary, traditional and fine art (which is like my style and portfolio). From there, styles can range from dark and moody to light and airy so get researching!

NOTE: If you love the look of film, but the lighter and airy version, be sure that you didn’t just catch the one image that was brighter meanwhile their overall style is dark and moody.

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If they’re local to where you live, see if anyone you know has ever used them as their wedding photographer. Reviews and learning about their reputation around your city will be your best research! If they aren’t local, do as much research as you can online. Sometimes, there are Facebook groups for brides that can help you with this too, especially if you are having a destination wedding. Secondly, ask them to hop on a FaceTime, Google Hangout or Skype call. It will make all the difference!

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Second to their style, make sure your personalities mesh and that their personal demeanour is one that makes you trust them. Grab a coffee and hangout for an hour or two. Ask to see a full wedding AND engagement gallery so you can see what a full day looks like and they’ll most likely explain to you what was happening or how they get those iconic photos you love in their portfolio. As mentioned before, if in person isn’t possible organize an online date to get to know each other.

Next, browse through their packages, review their contract and ask all the questions! Choosing your wedding photographer is a big decision as you’ll be looking back at these images for the next 50+ years to come.

– TJ

If you loved the images in this blog post, view my full portfolio here or connect with me on Instagram! And in case you were wondering, my wedding photography style is light and airy, fine art with a touch of documentary. Check it out for yourself :)

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