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Brand Photographer in Edmonton

Branding Photography

Personal branding is becoming bigger than ever.

Your clients want to see what you look like, what your style is and what “working” behind the scenes involves. Our clients want to know the makers behind their products and services because it makes things feel more personal. There ain’t anything personal about buying from Wal-Mart, am I right?

Businesses are becoming more human to human than ever before and the connection you make with your customers is imperative to growing a small business these days. Branding photography plays a big role in making that connection and we as the buyers choose to connect with certain brands often based on who they’ve branded themselves to be. We want to hangout with ‘like’ people and support brands based on who they are.

Patricia Doiron of Lifestyle Communications is one of many who want exactly that for her new brand. She had decided on a logo etc. but wanted images that conveyed who she was in them. Her love of communications, coffee, the colour yellow and how she always wears her hair in a bun were staples that make up her brand and had to be included.

Before our branding session at a quaint little workspace here in Edmonton, we chatted via email about what she wanted the images to portray both figuratively and literally to help her make a list of shots that were important. From there, we scheduled to meet a bit earlier for a quick coffee so we could get to know each other.

As a brand photographer in Edmonton, it’s imperative to meet you before a session. Why?

Because I cannot honestly photograph who someone is, if I don’t know them. Simple thought, hey!

I want to get to know all of the little details that make you, YOU so I can photograph exactly that. Also, I want to make sure you’re comfortable with me too! Being a Gemini, I work like a chameleon always mirroring others’ energy so that you always feel like our session is just two people hanging out, chatting and you almost forget we’re taking pictures.

Anyway, I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking…

– TJ


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Looking to hire a brand photographer in Edmonton? Looking for light and airy images using natural light? You’ve landed in the right place! To inquire about your own branding photography session, please inquire directly by sending an email to info [at]





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