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Branding Session with Edmonton Wedding Planner

Branding Photography

A look at the at-home branding session for Edmonton wedding planner Sandra Bettina Events.

You may not know this about me, but I was a wedding photographer for seven years of my career! You could say I have a special place in my heart for working with wedding industry professionals, to say the least. And, I like to think that I still know the wedding industry pretty well. Being a branding photographer for the past few years, it’s been fun for me to be on the other side now. I have loved helping them capture their business!

I had the pleasure of working with Sandra Bettina Events, a local Edmonton wedding planner. She needed some updated branding photos and talk about the ideal client to plan a branding session with eh?! They had their session planned out to a tee, outfit by outfit, and so many fun props. I mean hello – planning is what they do!

Edmonton wedding planner Sandra Bettina Events and staff laying on the floor
Edmonton wedding planner Sandra Bettina Events and her colleague sitting in the kitchen
Edmonton wedding planner Sandra Bettina Events opening the front door of her home
Edmonton wedding planner Sandra Bettina Events planning their next wedding
Two women from Edmonton wedding planner Sandra Bettina Events sitting on a staircase
Edmonton wedding planner Sandra Bettina stands in the doorway of her home

Branding Session Strategy

The objective for their branding session was to create photos that would showcase Sandra and Jill for the “about” section of their website. They also wanted lifestyle photos to sprinkle throughout their social media and the behind-the-scenes view of being a wedding planner. We had great conversations about their struggles as Edmonton wedding planners throughout the pandemic so far, and what their business goals look like now.

Sandra Bettina Events is a high-end, boutique Edmonton wedding planner who is not only down-to-earth and hilarious, but also extremely talented. We had so much fun working together to ensure we captured their spirit, personalities, and professionalism all in one session. PS, we are all in agreement that having fun AND being professional is possible! 

One of my all-time favourite images that we captured during the session is Sandra’s expression while she’s pouring a big glass of wine! It shows to prospective clients that she is relatable, and the goofy side of her personality.

Two bottles of Henkell rose prosecco on a marble tray
A woman sits on her laptop in a living room with glasses on
Two women drinking red wine on a couch
Edmonton wedding planner Sandra Bettina throws confettin in the air
Two women cheers prosecco

As it is with all of my clients, their biggest goal for their branding session is to attract their ideal clients and repel those who aren’t the right fit. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing! I always encourage clients to lean into who they are and what makes them different. Why? This is something you can and should use to your advantage. Like I realized with my own rebrand, being your authentic self is key!

Overall, I can confidently say that we accomplished all they hoped for in our time together!

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