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Branding Session with Fab Hab

Branding Photography

Today, I’m sharing a recent branding session from one of my favourite interior designers in St. Albert and Edmonton, Navin Sidhu from FabHab. As Navin shares on her website, “A foundation in civil engineering means there’s a whole lot of brains behind the beauty of our designs. Engineering gives us a foundation in structural design, project management, and construction. Your project will be managed effectively and efficiently. And based on reality.”

That is why I love her and the business she has created more than I can put into words. If you’re anything like me, then you know that as much as we love beautiful spaces and things, they absolutely have to be functional.

Much like the branding session I shared a few weeks ago for Spenser Brassard, Navin is also a client of mine who enjoys updating their branding photography once a year for her business and brand. Each year we take similar images but with different spaces, outfits, and props. We often work off of a photo idea/shot list and even with that, Navin always gives me full creative control to create based on her ideas.

Navin Sidhu of FabHab looks at her laptop
Navin Sidhu sketches blueprints for a new project
A woman organizes a gallery wall in a new home

For Navin’s branding session we typically do a similar mixture of:

  • Flipping through different swatches (fabric, paint etc.)
  • A formal full body and headshot
  • Casual photos of her working on her laptop
  • Professional photos of her working in any capacity
  • A few images relaying her engineering and structural background
  • A celebration photo

When Navin received her gallery, she shared:

“I wanted to tell you, all the photos you take for me are always amazing, but this set in particular was SUPER AMAZING! You are so seriously talented and I love how we understand each other! Thanks for always making me feel so beautiful!”

Navin, it’s genuinely such a pleasure to get to work with you every year. You’re one of the kindest, generous, and thoughtful people I’ve come to get to know. Until next time!

Navin Sidhu leans against a banister with her phone in hand
A person compares two paint swatches
A woman sits in a leather recliner sipping from a mug
Navin Sidhu looks at carpet samples in a new project
Navin Sidhu drinks a glass of champagne
A woman analyzes printed items beside her computer
A woman sits at a computer while looking at her phone
Navin Sidhu selects wallpaper for a new project
A person opens tall curtains in a home

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