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Chapter 9 Faux Floral Branding Session

Branding Photography

Do you love aesthetically pleasing everything, especially florals? If so, the recent branding session I’m sharing today is just for you. I had the pleasure of photographing Kay and her new businesses: Chapter 9 Faux Floral and The Floral Co.

Chapter 9 Faux Floral offers gorgeous custom floral designs and rentals and The Floral Co. is an online store. As much as I love the smell of fresh flowers, going the faux route is an amazing option if you need an arrangement for a longer period of time. You don’t want any sad and droopy roses!

woman arranging faux florals in a vase

About Chapter 9

Kay’s vision for Chapter 9 Faux Floral is to offer premium faux floral designs for weddings, elopements, and engagement photo sessions that will give you that swoon worthy Pinterest feel but won’t cost you a fortune.

From ceremony arches to centerpieces to bouquets and everything in between, Chapter 9 Faux Floral is becoming a busy and well known Edmonton wedding industry member! As our world begins to open up, I can’t wait to see all of the wedding designs Kay creates.

woman holding faux floral bouquet in front of her face
bouquet of flowers on the floor beside a chair

The Session

Kay’s shot list for her branding session included:

Three separate installations, wide angle
Close up details of all three floral installations
Lifestyle photos of Kay within each installation
Close ups of Kay “creating” each installation
Designing a bouquet
Product photos x 25
Big bouquet for an editorial image of Kay

Kay, I cannot wait to see all that you create as weddings begin to happen again! Your talent is unmatched and like none I’ve witnessed before. As a previous wedding photographer, I can tell you that you are a welcome addition to the Edmonton wedding industry. You are magic, friend!

tower of flowers beside an antique purple velvet couch
woman holding a bouquet of white roses and eucalyptus
woman arranging a rose on a faux floral tower
woman picking flowers off a table to create an arrangement
bouquet of pampas grass and warm neutral coloured flowers
woman surrounded by flowers sitting in a wicker chair wearing a burnt orange gown
woman arranging an orange faux rose in a vase
woman standing beside a floral arrangement tower
up close image of a bouquet of white and green flowers
woman sitting on purple velvet couch next to a tower of flowers
up close image of a bouquet of white and green flowers
view above of small flower vases
purple velvet couch in front of pastel wall
up close photo of an orange rose amidst a bouquet

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