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Holiday Content: Branding Photography Ideas


In my years as an Edmonton brand photographer, I have to say that shooting holiday content is one of my favourite things. I mean, Edmonton already has the snowy backdrop to help with all of those festive feels! 

The holidays are one of a businesses most lucrative times of the year, but they’re also a perfect time to communicate your product or service’s benefits as well as your brand’s values and story. After all, if your content strikes a chord, users are more likely to engage and to respond to your call to action.

Since holiday content is inspiring and keeps your website and feeds seasonally relevant, it’s important to get a head start on planning your creative holiday branding ideas. I typically start booking for holiday branding sessions in October. This might seem early, but it’s a good idea to give yourself time so that you’re not rushing through what’s already considered to be the busiest time of the year. Plus, it will feel great to have content scheduled and ready to go. 

Ready to get started? I’ve put together some ideas below to get you inspired. 

If You Sell Products Or Services

Many brands take the opportunity to launch a new seasonal product or service during this time or they might be having a Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Boxing Day sale and naturally need to promote it. You’ll want to think about the themes of the product or service. What makes it seasonal? For instance, if you’re a florist launching a seasonal bunch, a fresh wreath, or a holiday wedding bouquet, you’ll want to showcase those products in a way that communicates the offering while also speaking to its seasonality. 

You may want to use a backdrop that complements the colours of your branding and of the season. No, you don’t need any cheesy green and red palettes to get the point across. With that said, select themes that align with the product or service. For a seasonal bouquet, I would make it the centre of attention on a gorgeous holiday tablescape with plenty of candles and textural accents. 

Creating a flat lay alongside holiday props can be a gorgeous way to showcase a smaller product. I like adding things like artificial snow, wrapped gifts, Christmas tree ornaments, or silky ribbon to the shot. 

Green backdrop with red ribbon creates holiday content
Disco ball on white paper
Red ribbon on a white box, creating holiday content
Holiday content for a photographer

If Your Brand Is Yourself

If you’re a content creator or if your brand is connected to yourself, holiday content is an incredible time to communicate who you are and your values. The holidays elicit a lot of emotion, so now’s the time to really lean into that! Your audience will feel more connected to you if they see themselves in you or feel inspired by you. 

Start thinking about what matters to you around the holidays. If this time of year is all about connecting with your family and friends, creating a holiday themed family photoshoot helps to showcase your family values. Head outside and build a snowman together,  cut down a Christmas tree in the countryside, or embrace your partner while the snow falls gently around you. If you’ve consistently shared content that’s connected to your family, this is your chance to tug at some heartstrings with extra festive photos!

If you spend the holidays recharging by diving into self-care and wellness, you may want to show your audience how you express this. Maybe you like to write out a gratitude list or goals for the new year and you want imagery of you writing in action with twinkle lights or a fireplace in the background. I’ve got you covered!

If holiday decorating is your style, maybe you want to provide your audience with some DIY content so that they can learn from your expertise, like a DIY fresh fireplace garland or hand-stitched stockings.

If you’re big on giving back to your community during the holidays, imagery of you putting together holiday baskets for donation, or organizing a holiday food drive is a great way to visually communicate what matters to you while promoting your charity of choice. 

Feeling inspired and ready to tackle your holiday content? I know I am! Get in touch to set up a branding session with me for all of your brand photography needs. And as an Edmonton business coach, I am also here to help you make next year your most successful yet!

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