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Jars of Clay Calligraphy Branding Session

Branding Photography

Today, I’m sharing a recent branding session with Dori, from Jars of Clay Calligraphy. She’s a local calligrapher as you may have guessed here in Edmonton. She was the winner of my last Instagram giveaway so working together was even more fun as we celebrated her winning!

Dori shares, “In 2015, something about the slow and intentional art of calligraphy drew me in, and I’ve only grown to love it more ever since!” She currently offers custom calligraphy pieces, wholesale, apparel, and my personal favourite: her in person calligraphy workshops where you can learn to do calligraphy, too!

Even though Dori won her session, she had a very effortless strategy call when it came to planning out her branding session. We focused her photo shot list on revamping the images she already had to support her brand and adding in all of those she felt she was missing when it came to her website and sharing on social media.

The Jars of Clay Calligraphy shot list included:

  1. At work / in action
  2. Holding a finished piece
  3. How she finds inspiration
  4. Packaging up an order
  5. Lifestyle headshots
  6. Laying out a workshop
  7. Showcasing what’s included in a workshop
  8. Being a lifelong student herself
  9. Hanging a finished piece
  10. Her gift stash

When Dori received her gallery she shared: “OH MY GOSH TRACEY! Scrolling through my gallery over and over right now and I just can’t stop smiling. I am actually obsessed with every single photo, how perfect they are and the possibilities for each one to share my brand values and story! Thank you SOOOOO much for this photoshoot – the whole experience from strategy call to gallery has truly been surreal and the best kind of amazing. I’m so grateful for you. I’m so happy right now!!!”

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