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Londonderry Mall Summer Branding Session

Branding Photography

Recently, I had the absolute joy of doing a summer branding session with Londonderry Mall, a North Edmonton shopping centre. We have actually been working together for the past few seasons! For each new season, we team up with three local influencers to create editorial content for Londonderry’s website and social media. These have been some of my absolute favourite branding sessions, but I’m almost positive that this one takes the cake!

Woman dressed for summer standing beside a pool
Man sitting on a lounge chair wearing a leopard print shirt and blue jeans
Woman wearing a sun hat and summer clothes sitting poolside

Londonderry Mall has chosen to keep their sessions more editorial, instead of lifestyle and for business. Because of that, we always decide that we do not need to create a shot list. Instead, we decided it’s better to plan the session with a mood board! Using Pinterest, we gather ideas, aesthetics, and an overall mood for the shoot. This is always based on whichever location their PR team has decided on. For this session we made use of a beautiful indoor pool!

Woman in a sun hat ties a scarf around her neck for branding session at Londonderry Mall
Man sitting on the arm of a lounge chair and rolling up his pant legs
Woman dressed in chic summer outfit for Londonderry Mall branding photos

When there is no direct purpose for each image that we take, like in a typical branding session, this is the best method of planning. It gives us creative direction, yet allows all of us to collaborate and go with the flow. We can stay focused on the mood and aesthetic while finding unique poses, composition, and lighting. While I do love a detailed shot list, this type of session can be so much fun!

Woman in a yellow bikini holding onto a pool ladder and hanging her head backwards with a smile
Man sitting on a pool lounge chair
Woman dressed in a professional summer outfit standing beside a pool

I had such a fun time working with everyone involved and pulling off this chic summer party aesthetic! Getting to be 110% creative with other creatives is truly an experience that tops my list as a branding photographer. Okay okay, enough about the logistics. Keep on scrolling to see the rest of some of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken!

Man laying on a curved lounge chair beside large windows overlooking the city in Edmonton Alberta
Woman climbing out of a pool holding sunglasses and wearing a yellow two piece bikini
Woman laying next to a pool for a branding photoshoot at Londonderry Mall in Edmonton
Man dressed casual during a photoshoot for Londonderry Mall
View of a mans legs with rolled up jeans as he lays on a pool lounge chair
Man wearing baby blue swim shorts and a pink polo sitting with his legs in an indoor pool
Woman posing on a windowsill for the Londonderry Mall branding photoshoot
Man standing in front of a window that looks out to the city of Edmonton Alberta
Woman laughing while sitting on a pool lounge chair
Woman smiling and sitting on a window ledge dresses in summer attire
Woman posing in a casual business outfit for the Londonderry Mall seasonal branding session
Woman laying on her side on a pool lounge chair
Woman standing on the top step of a hottub wearing sunglasses
Londonderry Mall summer branding session
Londonderry Mall summer branding photoshoot
Londonderry Mall summer branding session
Londonderry Mall summer branding session
Londonderry Mall summer branding session

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