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Marketing Specialist Branding Session at Hey You Studio

Branding Photography

Today, I’m sharing a branding session at the Hey You Studio here in Edmonton. I had the pleasure of meeting with another subscription client of mine, Jocelyne Pare. She’s the CEO of her growing business as a coach, educator, and expert on all things business and Instagram marketing!

Blonde woman sitting on a lounge chair wearing a beige tailored suit
Blonde woman laughing on front of a pink backdrop holding a piece of pampas grass

About Jocelyn

Jocelyne shares, “Sit with women who are: committed to authentic personal growth, genuine goal-getters, and humble enough to teach you everything they know and learn everything you know. The vibe, the momentum, and the conversations are different.” One of Jocelyne’s main values in her business is connection. Her life purpose is to help women feel seen, heard, and understood – and I’m all for it!

Blonde woman in a tan power suit laughing as she kicks her foot towards the camera

I connected with Jocelyne on Clubhouse (is that still happening?) and we hit it off right away. We share so much of the same knowledge, passion, and even personal history. From there, Jocelyne shared what she needed from a branding photographer: she wanted a team member, not just a photographer.

That was when I knew we were aligned! Because it’s the exact experience that I hope to provide for all of my clients. Yes, we take photos, but it’s so much more than creating pretty images and receiving a gallery to use. It’s about branding, marketing, reaching business goals, and all that jazz.

Blonde woman laughing on the phone with her feet in the air as she sits in a wicker chair
Blonde woman sitting cross legged in a wicker chair as she meditates

The Session

Being a social media marketing expert, Jocelyne shares a lot of content. With that, she was in need of regular monthly branding sessions. The subscription package means she can stay consistent, and it keeps a cohesive representation of her brand.

For this session, her goal was to showcase the behind-the-scenes of her business. This included outfits for branding sessions, her morning routine, cheering on her coaching clients, and making reels. Plus, probably the most important part, empowering women to show up! Scroll on to see how much fun we had together at Hey You Studio!

Blonde marketing specialist smiling at her laptop and holding both hands up in peace signs
Female marketing specialist taking a selfie at Hey You Studio in Edmonton Alberta
Blonde woman smiling as she sits on a couch and writes in her notebook
Woman wearing a flowing white summer dress and smiling next to a clothing rack
Woman sitting on a rug holding her hat on her head with one hand and her laptop in her other hand

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