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How A Brand Photographer Can Supercharge Your Brand


Guest Post from Bonnie Joy Marie of B is For Bonnie Design

Custom brand photography is one of the most powerful ways to set your visuals apart on your website and social channels. Not only that, it’s also a strategic way to showcase your work in action which inspires a more personal connection with your audience. With almost a decade of brand design and strategy experience, I know that my work as a designer is complemented by hiring a brand photographer. Working with clients who have custom brand photos to weave throughout their websites or print pieces helps us create something that stands out. This makes an impact, and, as a result, generates more money for my clients. Who would say no to that?

If you’re not quite sure how investing in brand photography or hiring a brand photographer can help you grow your brand, I’m here today to share some easy ways you can use custom brand photos to supercharge your brand, create a more consistent identity, and wow your ideal clients along the way.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Create Visual Consistency

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am as a designer when my clients send me a gallery link. Custom, thoughtful brand photos capture their personality, their brand’s aesthetic, and showcase them as the experts they are! While your logo, color palette, font pairings, and other visual elements can truly set the tone for your brand, your images are one asset that many entrepreneurs forget about.

If need be, we can work wonders with stock images in your brand colors. However, there’s nothing that compares to having custom, bespoke imagery that captures you in your element. When you work with a brand photographer, they’ll help you create a shot list that gets the type of images and scenes that will serve you best. If you need more images for your Instagram account, they will make that happen. Do you need a big hero image to serve as the first thing your ideal client sees when they land on your website? Your photographer can get that shot!

When you have branded images that reflect your personality, your brand aesthetic, and even your color palette, elevating your website or posting new content on your social channels becomes easier. You don’t have to worry about outdated photos when you have a gallery of up-to-date images you love to work with!

Inspire Connection With Ideal Clients

As a designer and strategist, it’s my job to help my clients consistently connect with their ideal clients so they can do the work they love time and time again. And your brand photos truly help set the tone for the kind of experience your clients can expect when they choose to work with you.

Most website visitors spend 8 seconds or less on your site before clicking away. Our brains process images much faster than words, so the first thing we want your ideal clients to see is a gorgeous photo of you that inspires quick, direct connection.

Custom photos capture you in your office, at your coworking space, or in a beautifully styled AirBnb doing what you do best. Showing those behind-the-scenes photos, lifestyle images, or shots that depict “how the magic happens,” go a long way in helping your ideal clients feel connected to you and your work. When potential clients feel that connection and understand the expertise you bring to the table, it becomes so much easier to close the sale.

We buy from people, and we feel connected to people when we know who they are and we can see their shining faces. Trust me, your very own brand photos will make it that much easier to inspire that kind of connection with your dreamy ideal clients every time you update your website or post on social media.

Position Your Brand Like a Pro

As if visual consistency and connection with your ideal clients weren’t enough, having custom brand imagery to use throughout your visual brand (say, on your website or in print collateral) gives you the ability to directly change the way your brand is perceived. Branding is more than just your logo or your business cards. It also spans every visual, verbal, and experiential touchpoint that a potential client or customer has with your business.

So why not use images to intentionally show your ideal clients who you are, what you do, and the transformation you provide? If you’re a coach who helps your clients kick their mind trash to the curb and tap into more profit and purpose along the way, your ideal clients want to see you teaching a rapt group of students or working away at your laptop. If you want your ideal clients to see you as the expert that you are and, as a result, charge more for your services then investing in an elevated visual brand and custom photos to back it up will make all the difference.

Bonus Benefit: You’ll Be Your Brand Designer’s BFF

Not to mention, when you work with a brand photographer to create gorgeous imagery and then hand that gallery over to your brand designer, you will be their best friend forever! There’s nothing I love more than weaving in fresh, tailored imagery throughout a client’s website or creating a beautiful welcome guide to wow their clients with custom photos sprinkled throughout.

Trust me, working with quality imagery makes the design process a total breeze.

Create a Brand That’s Purposeful & Profitable

I hope you’re feeling excited about what investing in custom brand photography can do for your business, friend! And if you’re ready to pair those beautiful brand images with an elevated visual identity that’s designed to connect with your ideal client, I’d love to chat with you. To schedule a completely free consult so we can chat more about your business, your vision, and your goals, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help!

Bonnie’s Bio:

Bonnie Joy Marie is a brand strategist and designer for creative entrepreneurs, and a coach for fellow graphic, brand, and web designers. Starting in 2012, Bonnie crafts high converting brands for her design clients, and she currently teaches fellow designers her signature brand strategy approach through her 5-week program, the Brand Strategy School. She’s based in beautiful Waco, Texas with her husband of almost ten years and their two rambunctious golden retrievers, Boone and Quinn.

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