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My Rebrand with B is for Bonnie


Last year, I was starting to feel like my brand was no longer a genuine reflection of myself. More importantly, it wasn’t a genuine reflection of who I was becoming. I was showing up as a different person during my branding sessions, compared to who I was showing up as on social media. The lack of connection I felt was so heavy, so I decided it was time for a rebrand! I needed to align all the pieces to show my authentic self and let my quirks shine (insert all of the anxiety).

I knew that showing up authentically online was the way to attract my ideal clients, and repel the rest. You know – the same advice I give my own clients! What it really came down to was finding the inner confidence to push my fearful ego out of the way and showcase that side of me I was so nervous to share. Easy, right?

The first step I knew I needed to take was to find a brand designer! I wanted to work with someone that I really resonated with, who understood me and my business better than I did.

Bonnie of B is for Bonnie Design

Finding a Designer

My brand designer, Bonnie Joy Marie from B is for Bonnie Design, did an incredible job of all of the above. She conquered the task of pulling together my heart, my head, and my vision into one. I now have a beautiful brand I’m so proud to showcase!

Bonnie dug deep into the inner workings of my brand, myself, and who I wanted to show up as. This rebrand also allowed me to step into the new identity as a business coach, and speaker.

The process

Before hiring Bonnie, my website was once very simple and bridal inspired as I was previously a wedding photographer. It worked so well for so long but it was time for an upgrade. With heartfelt questions, a mood board and a few more intentional step in her process Bonnie transformed my brand. It became a gorgeous Palm Springs-inspired, colourful and authentic reflection of myself. The copy I wrote for it also feels more like me than ever before — it’s sarcastic, bold, empowering and goofy.

To be completely honest, my rebrand has felt like a wave of relief. 

Want to see how it used to look?

Here’s the gorgeous update!

With a completely new brand and website, I’ve been able to step into this next level and version of myself and my business. The mission of my business and brand is to empower all creative female entrepreneurs. I want to help them reach their self-defined success with confidence, authenticity, and intention.

If you’re thinking about rebranding your business or elevating your brand in any way, my best advice is:

Don’t let your fear of not being [blank] enough prevent you from showing up, shining bright, and creating a brand or business that is in every way shape and form a reflection of YOU! Embrace those pieces of you, you’re often too shy to share.

Being my silly, sarcastic, bubbly self has been a heck of a lot easier than what I was doing beforehand. Pushing my fear aside, embracing the growth and letting myself evolve as a person and business owner was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, my business and my clients.

The world needs you, your voice, your talent, your story, your message.

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