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3 Benefits of Using Backdrops In Your Branding Session


Let’s talk about backdrops, shall we? As a branding photographer, I have 9 different colours of portable backdrops that I have available for all of my branding photography clients! Since their inception into my business, my clients have fallen head over heels for them. Thus, I want to share a few ways that you can use them in your branding photography sessions, too!

Here are three ways that you can use a backdrop in your branding session. 

Backdrops showcase your brand colours!

My absolute favourite thing about using backdrops is that they instantly help showcase your brand at first glance. There are so many different colours to choose from (as I said, I have 9 different colours!) and quite often it’s not too hard to find one that matches your brand colours. If you’re a client of mine and I don’t have one that matches one of your branding colours, let me know. I’m always happy to source out new ones!

Having the background of your photos be consistent with your brand colours, not only keeps the shots clean and professional but also lets the potential customer/client know that it’s your brand. Similar to the red of Coca-Cola and the teal of Tiffany & Co., your brand colours will become so recognizable to your ideal clients.

Backdrops are portable + give variety!

Another huge benefit to using a backdrop during your branding photography session is the fact that you can bring them anywhere. You’ll find me carting around 2-5 different branding photography backdrops during my shooting days. If we’re using a studio or showhome, the backdrop provides another unique background that will give their overall final gallery more variety.

Use the backdrop for additional content! 

It’s safe to say the main purpose of a backdrop is for you to take pictures in front of, but once those are all taken you can continue to use the backdrop for extra branded shots. Most websites have lots of images without people in them and when it comes to social content, the more content the merrier! 

For example, if your business sells a product, you can absolutely use the same backdrop to shoot your products in front of! Or, if you’re a writer, you can lay the backdrop over your desk and get pics of you on your computer as if the color of your desk is your brand colour. Having a backdrop in your brand colours allows for a lot of creativity, making them a lot of fun to use.

To backdrop or not to backdrop? That is the question. I am impartial as I love shooting with backdrops and in showhomes, studios, and the like, but I hope that these three benefits of using a backdrop will help you to make a decision when booking your branding session. 

If you have any more questions on using a backdrop, shoot me a message, and let’s chat! If you’re a client of mine, you can simply send me an email with the colour you’d like me to bring to your branding session.

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