hi there, i’m tracey!

I live and breath the mountains, photography and love in all forms.
As a Kelowna wedding photographer, waking up every day nestled between two lakes and within beautiful wine country, we all know and love as the Okanagan Valley, is something this fellow Ontarian will never take for granted.

I’m inspired by couples that choose to live an authentic lifestyle and embrace all the adventures life brings us. I’m a believer in community over competition, connecting with others over this thing we call life and doing what you love in any way possible.

Along with being a Kelowna wedding photographer, I’m blessed to travel home to Ottawa often for weddings and worldwide as a destination wedding photographer to some of the most beautiful locations from California to Jamaica and beyond.

To me, being a wedding photographer is so much more than taking pictures. It’s a passion that I can’t ignore and one that started long before I ever realized.

It was the desire to constantly look through my family photo albums instead of reading. It was being intrigued at how people and places changed over time yet, without a photograph, maybe we wouldn’t have realized. It was knowing that every photograph taken turned a moment into a memory we could relive over and over again.

That’s what being a wedding photographer means to me.

about tracey jazmin
about tracey jazmin
about tracey jazmin