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How Does Business Mindset Coaching Help Creative Entrepreneurs?


In this case study, we’re going to learn more about my one on one business mindset coaching client Manali Sontakke.

Manali is a Brand Photographer, Educator and OBM in Cincinnati. She’s shifted her business from wedding photography to now work with creative women entrepreneurs to grow, scale and elevate their businesses.

She is super passionate about sharing her knowledge with other photographers that are in the beginning stages of their business.

I am going to dive into her main coaching goals, the consequences of staying stuck, why she chose to invest in coaching, her results after working together and some inspiring words for her fellow creatives.

Main Coaching Goal

Before every coaching client begins their sessions, I have them share an in-depth look into their goals and how they’re feeling in their business. Manali shared her current limiting beliefs with me, what she felt was holding her back and the goals she hoped to achieve while working together.

Manali shared, “I usually love a good set of concrete goals but have recently realized that rather than focusing on my outcomes so much, I feel a lot better throughout the process if I’m focusing on feeling good as I accomplish my goals. So, really I’d love to work on reframing my limiting beliefs.

I’m feeling overworked, tired and unsure of next steps for myself. I know I want to pivot into a new niche but I don’t feel very confident in doing so. I’m hesitant to really own my unique capabilities and skills and I doubt myself. I’ve been working a lot of hours with little to no return.”

The concrete goals she wanted to achieve during our time together included:

  • becoming a breakout speaker for Creative at Heart Conference
  • confidently launching my rebranded site focusing on Brand Photography and OBM Services & Education 
  • confidence to pivot into a more digital business model
  • a better balance of working for OBM clients vs. working on my own business
  • spend more time enjoying life outside of my business and allowing myself to actually feel joy and do fun things
  • feeling more financially free instead of allowing money to limit my daily choices

The Consequences

Next, we explore all of the consequences and unfavourable feelings that they will continue to experience if they decide to stay where they are in their business. This comparison allows them to see and analyze further proof of why they’re ready to take action.

The consequences of not investing in herself include continuing to:

  • Feel stuck in a scarcity money mindset that was made even stronger due to the pandemic
  • Feel like she needs to adhere to “normal” 9-5 things that don’t necessarily reflect how she feels best working
  • Believe she must have to work a lot harder to hit six figures, that she’s not smart enough to make six figures and that it seems out of reach if pivoting into branding/education fully
  • Feel unconfident and unnatural showing up on social media promoting herself and her business
  • Be limited by her belief that it must take 12-18 months of a lot of hard work and long hours to be successful
  • Be inconsistent with her new habits when she gets busy
  • Not moving her business forward in a way that feels aligned

Why Business Mindset Coaching?

Tracey: Why are you seeking these changes?

Manali: I know that the direction I’m wanting to take my business is going to feel a lot more aligned with who I am and my natural strengths as well as the season of life that I’m heading into. I really would love to pass on an abundance mindset to my kids one day as it wasn’t something that I had growing up and I can see how it affects just about every area in my life. I also want them to know that they can be successful and fulfilled in a non-traditional career path and that their career doesn’t define their identity!

Tracey: What do you want to get out of coaching the most?

Manali: An increased confidence in running a digital business, becoming an educator and not losing income due to pivoting. Reframing my money mindset into something that’s working for me!

Tracey: Why would you recommend business mindset coaching to someone else:

Manali: It was so much easier and faster to step into the version of myself that I was dreaming of whereas I don’t know if I would have quite been able to on my own. I know that our coaching time together will continue to pay off in the future as well. It changed the way I think about myself and my capabilities which is everything!!

I don’t hesitate to take bigger and bolder action towards what I truly want. I’m not playing small anymore!

The Results and Changes

Tracey: What has changed in your business since working together?

Manali: I feel a newfound sense of trust in myself as a business owner. I feel more confident in my ability to make money as well! I feel like I’m now more in alignment with the new direction that I want to take my business in. It feels possible rather than a giant unclimbable mountain! I feel confident that I’ll become the type of business owner that I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve been able to step into that and embody that without letting fear hold me back. It feels so much easier to show up, it feels easier to market my services and create content around them too. I don’t hesitate to take bigger and bolder action towards what I truly want. I’m not playing small anymore!

Tracey: How has your overall life changed since working together?

Manali: I have more freedom in my everyday life! I trust myself with money more, am able to spend without feeling guilty and trust I’m able to make more from doing what I love. I feel a lot more at ease and confident in every area of life. I’m able to handle negative situations that come up so much more easily with less inner turmoil. I feel calm, grounded and at peace with myself and who I truly am. I’m able to really own that and feel worthy in every situation, regardless of what’s going on.

Goals Achieved:

  • Hired as the Brand Photographer for Cultivate What Matters
  • Hired to photograph the Creative at Heart conference
  • Landed the virtual breakout speaker spot at Creative at Heart
  • Relaunching my mastermind Elevate earlier and with more confidence
  • Relaunched my new website focusing on brand photography, education and OBM services
  • An elevated sense of confidence and trust in myself as a business owner
  • The ability to work from a place of intuition, trust and ease rather than trying to force
  • More confidence in my finances and my ability to make money as a creative entrepreneur
  • The ability to continue to overcome any limiting beliefs that come up in the future (which is SO powerful!)

Inspiring Words of Wisdom

Manali: If you have the chance to work with Tracey, do it!! I loved that she always checked in between calls and was so willing to work through anything that came up. It’s helpful to have someone who sees your potential and can help you see and overcome the limiting beliefs and thoughts you have in your head. I am so glad that I invested in one-on-one coaching with Tracey! I was able to accomplish some really big goals that I had set for myself so much faster than I would have thought. It’s so worth the investment in yourself!

Interested in learning more about one on one business mindset coaching for creative entrepreneurs? Right this way!

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