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So you can attract your ideal CLIENTS, GET ORGANIZED In YOUR BUSINESS, and CREATE a schedule that supports the lifestyle you crave

Cultivate unshakable confidence in yourself as a creative entrepreneur and a step-by-step action plan to grow your business 

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Creative entrepreneurs who feel stuck

Coming up with a game plan to grow your business and figuring out what your next move should be can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when most days feel unorganized and chaotic! 

This might sound familiar... 

Even when you’re gaining momentum, things are always hectic. You can’t seem to catch up or find enough time for everything you want to do. Something has to change, but what? 

You’re “busy,” but you’re not earning the income you want to make. So you say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, even if it’s not the best fit. 

When you show up to market your business on Instagram, you’re flooded with self-doubt. Second-guessing everything you say. Comparing yourself to others. Getting your name out there feels impossible. 

Anytime something goes wrong in your business, you doubt yourself and wonder if you’re really qualified for this. You often think: Maybe it’s just not possible for my business to grow right now.

You want more for your business and your life.
More time. More money. More freedom.
But you’re so swamped trying to juggle all the things that you don’t even know what this “more” actually looks like, let alone have a plan to get you there. 

I totally get it. And trust me when I say I’ve been there (so many times!)

at the end of the day...

But here’s the truth: 

You already have the ability to take your creative business to the next level, even if you don’t feel like you do (yet!)

Together, we’ll help you gain clarity around where you want your business to go, develop a step-by-step action plan for achieving your goals, and build up your courage to finally stop playing small. Then, guess what? 

Your business will flourish. And so will you. 

You’ll have a clear vision for what you want to do with your business going forward and a step-by-step action plan for how you’re going to make it happen. 

Your days will flow smoothly. You’ll feel organized, balanced, and in complete control of your time, knowing you’re doing the right things to move the needle forward and still have plenty of energy left over to enjoy your family, friends, and free time.
You’ll fall in love (again) with what you do. You’ll finally have a schedule, systems, processes, and clear boundaries in place, so your business is lit up with clients, projects, and customers that make your heart sing. 

You’ll believe in yourself and what you bring to the table, and inspire others to do the same. 

You’ll show up with confidence every day, sharing your work with ease, attracting dream clients and opportunities, charging more, and watching your income and sales double or even triple. 

Yes! I want all these thingS


What's included?

・fully customized 90 minute 1:1 coaching call tailored to you and your business needs

・actionable homework + steps to start moving the needle and implement all you've learned during our time together


$750 CAD


“Before the Evolving Entrepreneur, I was working like crazy just to get any clients I could. I was shooting projects I didn’t love, not to mention being underpaid and undervalued. I felt frustrated, sad, and angry. Like I wanted to give up. Now, after completing this program, my business is flourishing. I love what I do... I’m not over-scheduling myself, and I’m charging more. I’ve gained so many new clients in the past few months and have tripled my average monthly income! My future feels planned, bright, and successful.”

what students are saying...

- Kalla Boser, Kalla B Photography 

I’m so glad you asked! 

How can the Evolving Entrepreneur help you create the business and life you really want? 

This is a 16-week, high-touch group coaching program. Space is limited to just 10 creative women entrepreneurs to ensure you receive individual time and attention as we map out your goals, move past limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and develop your unique business plan.

We’re an intimate group, and a ‘bonus’ of this program is that you’ll form genuine friendships with other like-minded women. Community over competition vibes only here!

group coaching


With your initial private two hour, 1:1 coaching call we will dive deeper into who you want to become, where you want to take your business and what’s holding you back. Over the course of 16 weeks, you and like-minded women will join for a weekly 2 hour group coaching call. In between each call, you will have homework and video trainings to complete that will support you in letting go of what's holding you back, gain clarity and direction in your business and allow you to step into the business owner that you want to be. You will have access to unlimited private 1:1 coaching via Voxer throughout the entire program. The program will conclude with your final private two hour, 1:1 coaching call to set you up for success as you and your business continue to evolve!



Here’s what you’ll get when you apply today:

Weekly Voxer Support 

Between calls, you’ll have access to me every week M-F via the walkie-talkie App, Voxer. Any questions you have are more than welcome as we chat back and forth, working through anything you’re struggling with or any roadblocks that come up. (I’m not a psychic, but I strongly predict we’ll also be having conversations that celebrate some big wins for you too!) 

Our time together starts with a 1:1 coaching call, where we’ll dive deep into who you are, where you want to take your business, what’s holding you back, and how you can reach your highest potential with confidence. You’ll leave this call with so much clarity around where you want your business to go and what needs to change to get you there.

Our time together will also end with a 1:1 call so you're feeling confident and supported as you take your business to new heights on your own!

Over the next four months, we’ll have weekly group coaching calls and hot-seat coaching sessions where you’ll learn how to: 

● Recognize + release any limiting beliefs that are hindering your growth. 
● Refine your brand to be an authentic reflection of you. We’re going to connect with your ideal audience + help you make sales in a way that feels good.
● Develop a social media marketing strategy that you feel confident implementing. No more wasting hours upon hours creating content.
● Set up your schedule for success. Get excited, friend! Your weeks are about to go from burnt out and chaotic to streamlined, organized, and fulfilling. 

TWO 1:1 Coaching CallS

16 Group Coaching Sessions

you'll also get...

A Community of Like-Minded Creative Entrepreneurs 

Lifetime Access to Everything 

A Graduation Day Surprise 

Along with our calls, you’ll also be working through a selection of video trainings, workbooks, and guides that enhance everything you’re receiving coaching on. Expect to uncover:
● How to elevate your mindset and show up as an industry expert. 
● Your unique brand and business marketing plan for the next six months. 
● The systems and processes you need to manage your time and reach your goals.

Details to come soon!

The Mindset, Marketing & Motivation System 


(I love bonuses for early birds, don't you?!) 


not to mention...

Unshakable confidence in yourself as a creative entrepreneur.

Clarity around where you want to take your business going forward

Marketing tools and a content creation system to show up with ease on social media

An authentic brand that attracts your ideal audience
A step-by-step action plan for growing your business and reaching your goals
Systems and processes for creating an organized business behind the scenes

A schedule
that supports the lifestyle you want

An increase in your prices and/or sales (so you can work smarter, not harder) 


“After going through the E.E. program, I gained so much clarity on the changes I needed to make  and, as a result, I’ve increased my income without working more.”


- Ashley, The Glow Hour / Photos by Ash


“AFTER WORKING WITH TRACEY, I NOW have a clear vision, easy-to-understand action steps AND Even more than that, I believe that I can succeed!"


- Jade, The Skin Educator






this program was literally made for me!




The Evolving Entrepreneur experience is valued at $16,000+!

 but your investment is a one time payment of




(+ taxes if applicable)

(+ taxes if applicable)

(+ taxes if applicable)

2 hour weekly group coaching calls with hot seat coaching + live training (valued at $7500)

unlimited private 1:1 Voxer coaching with Tracey (valued at $3200)

weekly video lessons + homework with physical workbook (valued at $4000)

2 hour private 1:1 coaching calls x 2 (valued at $2000)

The Evolving Entrepreneur experience is valued at $16,000+!

but your investment is just a $500 deposit and 5 easy monthly payments of

the evolving entrepreneur experience is valued at $16,000+!

but your investment is just a $500 deposit and 6 easy monthly payments of

“Since completing the Evolving Entrepreneur, I’ve left my teaching job and taken my calligraphy business full-time, with clear direction, a defined niche and brand, and a schedule that fits my lifestyle. I’ve also launched new products and received wholesale orders! Content creation has become so much easier and quicker because I know what I want and need to share to attract my ideal clients. I feel hopeful and confident.”

what students are saying...

- Dori Au, Jars of Clay Calligraphy 

Hi. My name is Tracey, and I’m here to empower you step into your power and realize how fulfilling your business and life can be.

Oh hey, have we met? 

I know what it’s like to feel so completely stuck. 

Stuck in a 9-5 that I hated. Stuck believing I could never make any real money doing the creative work I love. Stuck wondering how to grow my business. None of these things are true. But when they feel true, it's impossible to move forward. 

JOIN the Evolving Entrepreneur AUGUST 2022 Waitlist

Why am I sharing this with you? 

Because after running a creative business for close to a decade, I’ve learned a thing or two about setting yourself up for success so you can grow with confidence and clarity (and without burning yourself out in the process). All of this is more than possible for you. And you are so much closer to reaching your version of success than you may think! 

When you join the Evolving Entrepreneur, I’ll be here helping you achieve your goals every step of the way. But I can’t take the first step and apply for the program for you. Only you can do that. 

So, are you ready to build an action plan that will grow your creative business and set you up for time and financial freedom? (The answer is yes!) 



what’s included?

customized 1:1 on-going support and accountability
24 hour response to all messages, M-F during office hours

$500 + TAX,



One month of unlimited business and mindset coaching via Voxer (app)


Three months of unlimited business and mindset coaching via Voxer (app)

$1200* + TAX,


“Before going through Evolving Entrepreneur, I was working all the time but didn’t feel like I was accomplishing very much. I’ve now crafted a new schedule that allows for balance in my work and personal life, and an incredible business plan to help me stay on target. I’m saying no to things that don’t align with my goals, outsourcing and asking for help when necessary, and working smarter (not harder). I’m also communicating better with my clients, feeling confident in my work, and recognizing limiting beliefs when they come up. I’m charging more and attracting ideal clients and, as a result, I’ve increased my income without working more.”

what students are saying...

- Ashley Green, The Glow Hour/Photos with Ashley 

What if I invest and nothing changes because I’m just not cut out for this? 

But will this program work for me? 

You have a curious spirit and a desire to become the highest version of yourself.

this is me! I'm ready

this is for you if...



You're committed to showing up to our calls every week, completing the homework assigned to you, and implementing the tools you learn.

You know you can’t keep doing what you’re doing if you want your business to grow, so you’re ready to be coached and willing to try things you haven’t done before to achieve your goals. 

You are more than cut out for this, even if things feel hard right now. The Evolving Entrepreneur is for any creative woman entrepreneur who wants to earn a living using her creative or intellectual skills, knowledge, and expertise:

Bloggers, Coaches, Photographers, Designers, Health/Beauty Experts, Podcasters, Teachers, Writers, Digital Product Creators, Lightworkers, Marketers, Yoga/Fitness Instructors, Artists, Florists, Boutique Owners, and Fashion Leaders

“The mindset module in this program changed my life. Now, I leave work for work hours. I don’t work evenings or weekends. And I don’t let my business consume my mind like I used to. I have a plan for my business going forward, and I feel a million times more confident in myself and how I show up online.”

what students are saying...

- Lindsay Skylar, Spruce and Sky 


“When I joined the Evolving Entrepreneur, I had hit a wall and nothing was moving in my business. Bookings were low, and I just felt so burnt out, overwhelmed, and unmotivated. After going through the program, I gained so much clarity on the changes I needed to make and created a detailed schedule for my success. I now have a clear vision for what I want to do with my business and where I want to take it.”


- Erin Sweet, Erin Sweet Photography 


“Before the Evolving Entrepreneur, I was second-guessing myself and my choices, and I didn’t have a clear vision for what I wanted to achieve or a game plan to get me to where I wanted to be. Now, I have that clear vision and easy-to-understand action steps for getting there. Even more than that, I believe that I can succeed. I am a happier person who takes time for myself, and I don’t allow myself to be worn thin.”


- Jade Bohnert, The Skin Educator 


Still have a few questions? I’m here for that 

Yes! I’d love to book a call

If you scrolled all this way and didn’t apply for the Evolving Entrepreneur, can I just say: you’re a soul after my own heart. I always have a ton of questions when I’m investing in myself and my business, too.

I’d be more than happy to hear from you and answer any concerns you have about this program and whether it’s the best fit for you right now. We can even set up a video or phone call to chat more.

To get in touch, click that button below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Evolving Entrepreneur is for any creative woman entrepreneur who wants to earn a living using her creative or intellectual skills, knowledge, and expertise. Designers, coaches, writers, photographers, health, beauty, and fitness experts, boutique owners, lightworkers, digital course creators—if you want to use your creative work to make an income, this program is for you. Click here to join the waitlist.

Your specific results will depend on your unique goals and commitment to the program. But, on average, my clients start seeing results within the first 1-3 weeks of working together, especially in regards to their confidence, how they show up, and the clarity they gain for where they want to take their business going forward. Over the next few months, you’ll continue to see yourself grow (increasing your prices, developing your marketing plan, attracting your ideal audience, reaching your goals, creating a schedule you love, etc.). Inside this program, you’ll gain invaluable tools that will make a positive impact on your business and life for years to come. Click here to join the waitlist!

Reach out, and we’ll chat about another option that makes the most sense for you. 

If you have the desire to become the highest version of yourself and can commit to showing up to our calls every week, completing the homework assigned to you, and implementing the tools you learn, this program will work for you. Click here to join the waitlist.

3. What results can I expect to see and when? 

1. is this just for photographers?

4. What if I can’t commit to four months, but I’m still interested in receiving coaching?

2.  how can i be sure this will work for me?

The Evolving Entrepreneur only accepts 10 applicants and happens just once per year. 

Imagine your life one year from now 

If you don’t make a change. If you just keep repeating the same things you’re currently doing… In 12 months? You’ll be exactly where you are today.

Stuck. Spinning your wheels. Barely keeping up with your day-to-day tasks. Working non-stop but feeling underpaid and undervalued. Spending hours creating content that doesn’t attract your ideal audience. Hearing crickets in your inbox and DMs. 
Is that what you want your business to look like? How you want to feel for the next 365 days and beyond? 


Do you have something else in mind for your future? For your income? For your one wild and precious life? 

Nothing will change unless you take action to make it happen. You are worthy of something more, and you can do this. 


 coaching for creative entrepreneurs


・initial questionnaire for you to share all that you want to work towards during our time together

・1:1 business and mindset coaching calls via Zoom tailored to you and your business on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (see packages)

・inspired action steps + homework after every coaching session to move you closer to your goals

・unlimited Voxer access in between calls for on-going support, accountability + celebration

what's included?

I'm READy!

 coaching for creative entrepreneurs


$5925* + TAX



60 minute, weekly 1:1 coaching calls

FOR EACH package

・BOTH PACKAGES are based on a 3 month minimum commitmeNT

$3825* + TAX

60 minute, bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and you are more than capable of building a business that supports you financially, GIVES YOU TIME FREEDOM and allows you to do the creative work you love

Doors are closed until August 2022. hop on the waitlist today!