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royal glenora wedding edmonton photographer tracey jazmin

Royal Glenora Wedding Edmonton

It all started with a milk crate. When Mike and Vanessa first met, they really didn’t like each other much, in fact not at all. They worked together at a local Edmonton restaurant and for both of them, having to work together felt like torture. It wasn’t until years later that they reconnected and their …

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okanagan wedding photographer Tracey Jazmin

Okanagan Wedding Photographer

Seema vowed, ‘we will always come back to here and feel the amount of love that we do today, everyday’ and Anthony couldn’t believe it for those were the exact words he was about to share himself. If that didn’t prove this love was meant to be, I don’t know what could. Getting ready at …

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tabaret hall wedding edmonton photographer Tracey Jazmin

Tabaret Hall Wedding

Alisha and Ricardo knew that no matter what someway, somehow they would have ended up together because the Universe has always has their best interest at heart. Having know each other their entire lives, all it took was one special white hot chocolate for them to both realize this was so much more. The morning …

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calabogie peaks resort wedding Tracey Jazmin edmonton photographer

Calabogie Peaks Resort Wedding

She remembers the day they met 10 years ago like it was yesterday. His kind demeanour and ability to talk with anyone drew her in and the rest I suppose you could say is “history”. To her, he’s her greatest encourager, to him she’s indescribable. It was as if they already knew they were moving …

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