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My 8 Year Anniversary: Reflections of Running a Small Business


After 8 years of running a small business, I have a lot to reflect on and be grateful for. There have been so many transformations both personally and professionally. From beginning in Ontario to moving across the country to Alberta; leaving the wedding industry to pursue branding photography and now adding coach for creative entrepreneurs to my title.

where it all began

If you’ve been with me throughout my journey, you’ll know I began my career in photography as a side gig. When I moved to Ottawa for a job in the financial services industry, I packed my camera away. I definitely did not think I would bring it out again, let alone turn it into a career!

Turns out with some convincing from my friends, I gave photography another chance and fell back in love with it. I decided to begin advertising and charging for it and on March 28th, 2013 I made things official.

Long story short, a few months later my boss fired me. In the same breath, he shared that I needed to go be a photographer. I was editing every day on my lunch breaks and shooting family sessions any chance I could outside of work.

You know what I told him?

“I wish, but you can’t make money being a photographer.” He said, “Well, not with that mindset you can’t.”

That was a pivotal moment in my life. It was one that changed my entire perspective, path and purpose.

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running a small business today

Today, I can’t think of another job that I would rather have or one that could fulfill me more.

I get to help other women-owned businesses become (more) successful. I create branding photos that reflect their heart and in turn attract their ideal clients and coach creative entrepreneurs to reach their self-defined success with confidence

If my life purpose isn’t supporting women in their entrepreneurial dreams and helping them build their inner confidence as business owners, I genuinely don’t know what is!

small business community

Overall, I believe in creating a community that empowers creative female entrepreneurs. As a Tuesdays Together leader for the Rising Tide Society, I know the importance of having a supportive community. Being in the RTS built a community that I didn’t know I was missing as a small business owner.

The past 3 years as a branding photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn from so many female creative entrepreneurs. They’re doing incredible things, both locally in Edmonton and across the globe. I consider them all a part of my creative community.

Running a small business certainly isn’t for everyone. For my fellow creatives and entrepreneurs who love the freedom of forging their own path, it’s the job of a lifetime getting to be a small business owner. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for this journey! More importantly, I’m thankful for my clients who have made this dream a reality.

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