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The Importance of Celebrating The Small Wins


Whether it’s landing a new dream client or reaching a business milestone, we love celebrating big achievements as creative entrepreneurs!! As humans, it’s natural for us to have this drive and ambition to constantly want to improve and set benchmarks for success, especially as a business owner, but what about the small wins?

You know, the things that make up those to-do lists that you’ve been working away on today friend!

Setting big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs) is a great practice for your business as it helps give you direction and purpose throughout your days. What we tend to forget when we set BHAGs, is that they are made up of multiple smaller goals.

These smaller goals are what fill our to-do lists and are worth celebrating just as much as the final end goal!

womans hand writing a list because shes celebrating the small wins

The Importance of Celebrating the Small Wins

Why does celebrating the small wins matter so much?

Short answer, it helps us build confidence!

Ever heard of the snowball effect? As you check off these smaller goals and celebrate them, you build excitement and confidence to keep on rolling through to the next task, much like a snowball!

Tracking the progress you are making towards your goals is one of the easiest ways to boost your motivation and as a business owner, we need every ounce we can get of that magic. This then helps you achieve your goals at a (potentially) faster pace too, win-win!

Now when I say celebrate, I mean celebrate in a meaningful way. Reward yourself and make a moment out of all the small wins. Not only does it build confidence as an entrepreneur, but it helps you move into a state of feeling good and feeling joyful, the highest vibe of all.

When you’re living in a place of feeling good and joy, you gain the ability to navigate potential setbacks with ease and a growth mindset. Instead of getting down on yourself or losing focus, you can make a sound decision that keeps you on the path towards your goal.

Long story short, it’s important to celebrate the small wins just as much as it is important to celebrate the big ones! I mean, if celebrating the small wins builds confidence, helps you feel motivated, gets you to your goals faster and brings rewards, it sounds like a no brainer to me!

view above of someones desk as they work at the computer with their coffee

How to Celebrate the Small Wins

There is so much in life to celebrate, and if you’re feeling unsure about what to celebrate know that the sky’s the limit. I also have a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Completing your morning routine before starting work.
  • Remembering to eat breakfast.
  • Finally sending that email you’ve been avoiding.
  • Remembering to bring your water bottle to your desk and refilling it throughout the day.
  • Taking time away from your desk for a full 30-minute lunch break.
  • Replying to your emails within 24 hours.
  • Making coffee at home this week.
  • Going to bed on time.
  • Posting on social media this week.
  • Having a discovery call with a new client.
  • Making it through a challenging day.
  • Navigating a challenge with an open mind.
  • Creating a new product or service.
  • Writing a blog or sending an email newsletter this month.
  • Speaking up and setting a boundary with a client.

The idea that achievements like these aren’t worth celebrating only adds to the narrative that getting through this difficult life we are all living is not enough!

Society is constantly reminding us of ways in which we need to be better, so to combat those external voices it’s so important to reward yourself for little things and remind yourself that what you are doing is enough.

Only you know what you’re going through and capable of on a day-to-day basis, so be your own cheerleader every day and never let yourself feel defeated. Every win is a win, no matter how big or small.

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