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Growing Your Personal Brand on Instagram


Myth: You have to share your entire life on the internet to attract your ideal client to your personal brand.

Growing your personal brand on social media is a timely process, and it can be a daunting one at that. But let me assure you, you don’t have to share your entire life! It’s not necessary to begin creating a more personal side to your brand and business.

Let me explain…

A blonde woman kisses her dog

What should you share with your audience?

Your audience wants to get to know you, but they don’t need to know everything. And, the truth is not everything about your life will resonate with them either. Thank gosh, right?! Well friend, if you’re not sure what content your audience wants, you’re actually in a great position.

Why? Because, you get to start with a fresh clean slate; anything is possible!

What are you comfortable sharing?

If you don’t know what will resonate with your audience, ask yourself: What am I comfortable with sharing online?

Are you comfortable sharing about: Your dog? Your cat? Plants? Your fitness routine? What you eat? Crafts? Reality TV? Books? Local shops? The kids? Your relationship? Your weird collection of ___? Essential oils? Organic food? Baking? Sewing? Interior design?

Using photography to grow your personal brand

You get the gist! Draw that imaginary line in the sand and then make a list. Write down all the things you have decided you’re cool with sharing on the ‘gram. Hint: almost always, the hobbies that overlap between you and your ideal clients are the ones that align with them the most. Makes sense, eh?

Time to do the research!

Next, it’s time for the research. You are going to create a post or a story on your social media account about one of the things on your list. After 24 hours, go back and assess your insights and analytics. Did your post or story do well? Did you receive a lot of comments or DMs in response?

If you shared about your dog and people responded, make a note to create more content about your dog. Maybe something else you shared about totally bombed? That is okay! answer. It may seem discouraging but knowing what doesn’t work is a GOOD thing! You are inching closer and closer to clarity. From the clarity of knowing what works for your audience, you will feel more confident and inclined to share. Thus, you will start growing your personal brand!

A woman taking photos of a white horse to define her personal brand
A woman feeds a horse from a bucket to define her personal brand

Continue every day sharing a post or story about each item on your list until you run out of topics. Next, decide which 3-5 did the best and start sharing about them more often. You will naturally attract your soul clients by doing this because by sharing more about yourself, they’re able to get to know you.

We buy from people we trust, and in order to trust someone, you have to get to know them. So, let your audience get to know you — and believe me, your life isn’t as boring as it seems!

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