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tracey jazmin

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Tracey Jazmin is Business and Mindset Coach and Branding Photographer on a mission to inspire and empower creative women entrepreneurs across the world. 

She is a leader in the creative business community who encourages all women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, live out their version of success and reach their highest potential 

Small town Ontario raised, the multi passionate creative and speaker is dedicated to elevating the female entrepreneurial community to become one that is filled with confidence, direction and trust in themselves. 

Struggling with limiting beliefs during the early stages of her career to moving across the country to achieving six figure success, Tracey’s journey has been anything but linear. Today, with her wisdom and wit she inspires audiences to evolve, overcome their limits and step into being an expert, leader and successful business owner, too. 

Tracey combines her knowledge of branding, marketing, business development and mindset to educate women on every stage of their entrepreneurial journey, and is proud to pour into fellow entrepreneurs as the leader of the Rising Society's TuesdaysTogether Edmonton group. 

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getting fired from her 9-5 and told to go be a photographer was

where it all started

She didn’t believe she could make it. Who was she, this small town girl who didn’t even finish college for photography, to have any business having a business?! 

From once believing she couldn’t make money as an entrepreneur to building a successful six figure wedding photography business, to moving across Canada and rebuilding her business, to then changing industries as a photographer from weddings to branding to now, jumping into the business and mindset coaching industry – her journey as an entrepreneur has been anything but linear. And, it’s the reason she has helped so many women – she has been in their shoes before. 

Her past stories, limiting beliefs, struggles and overall journey has left her with an infectious passion to help empower her fellow female entrepreneurs succeed. Whether it’s learning how to build their brand, show up more authentically in their business, set boundaries to beat burnout, up-level their mindset to propel their business forward or inspire confidence and belief in them as they expand as an entrepreneur, Tracey is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs reach their highest potential.

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What's included?

・fully customized 90 minute 1:1 coaching call tailored to you and your business needs

・actionable homework + steps to start moving the needle and implement all you've learned during our time together


$750 CAD


"Tracey is AMAZING. I had her speak at an event for entrepreneurs and she lit a fire within all of us and left us so inspired. She is professional, but down to earth and has a wealth of knowledge she is happy to share. Love love love her."

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- Ang, Brz Photography 

signature talks

talk #3

Conquering Your Mindset to Propel You Forward

Learn how to master your subconscious mind, get out of your own way and achieve the success you were meant for. 

An Untraditional Approach to Attracting Soul Clients

Become a magnet for the kind of clients that light your soul up with ease and dash of psychology. 

 Boundaries vs. Burnout

A lesson on self-worth, our most valuable asset: time, and creating a schedule that brings you joy every day. 

talk #1

talk #2

Cultivating Confidence

Ditching imposter syndrome and comparison for good to step into our highest potential and become an expert in our industry. 

talk #4

what to expect

As a speaker and leader in the creative industry, I’ve never been too shy to share a challenging experience, pitfall or mistake I’ve made along my journey. I believe these honest conversations help open the door to the ups and downs that make up the entrepreneurial experience. By being vulnerable, I hope to foster connection and remind women they are not alone in their journey. 


A little tough love 

Inspired action 

Maybe it’s the coach in me or because I prefer direct communication but I’ve been known to give a little tough love here and there. These tough truths from my mentors are what have pushed me forward to being the entrepreneur I am today. I believe that by being honest with each other in a kind and compassionate way, we can all grow and evolve into our fullest potential. 

There is nothing I cringe at more than a speaking event that leaves you with nothing but inspiration. As a certified practitioner in neuro linguistic programming, I know that inspiration is not enough to help us make lasting change. We need to experience change at a deeper level. Change that hits us on a level of who we want to be and that encourages us to take inspired action.
You know you can’t keep doing what you’re doing if you want your business to grow, so you’re ready to be coached and willing to try things you haven’t done before to achieve your goals. 

speaking rates

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As each event is unique in our ever-changing world, speaking rates (and travel fees if necessary) are determined based on each event’s requirements. This includes length of event, travel, and level of speaking engagement.

If you’d like to chat more, please contact Tracey for more information on availability and speaking rates. 

I cannot wait to chat more. Thanks so much for considering me to speak at your upcoming event. I’m beyond grateful!

let’s do more than just inspire your audience!