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personal branding photographer edmonton

Personal Branding Photographer

Hiring a personal branding photographer, can boost your business incredibly! Our clients want more connection and real life these days. Showcasing who you are as a brand or person, is becoming essential. I know when I head to a website and their about me doesn’t feature a person I can’t help but feel a disconnect. …

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Edmonton Lifestyle Blogger

Working with Edmonton lifestyle blogger Diana from 204 Park is a goal I had imagined, but one I never thought would manifest in the way that it did. Initially, I had DM-ed Diana on Instagram asking if we could work together because I LOVED her feed and REALLY wanted to shoot interior design. A few …

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brand photographer in Edmonton

Brand Photographer in Edmonton

Personal branding is becoming bigger than ever. Your clients want to see what you look like, what your style is and what “working” behind the scenes involves. Our clients want to know the makers behind their products and services because it makes things feel more personal. There ain’t anything personal about buying from Wal-Mart, am …

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winter photos edmonton Tracey Jazmin

Winter Photos in Edmonton

Winter photos in Edmonton are an absolute must! I guess when we have snow almost half of the year, embracing it is the best (and easiest) option. Jillian and Ryan decided to do just that and of course, they brought along their dog Baxter for some wintery lifestyle Christmas photos. Little did he know, Jillian …

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edmonton engagement photos Tracey Jazmin

Edmonton Engagement Photos

Kristin and Taylor’s Edmonton engagement photos are some of my absolute favourite I’ve ever photographed! Why? The golden hour, sunset light. It was the perfect addition to the already amazing people that they are. They picked a location that was sentimental to them. It was a place they were familiar with and confident in (even …

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