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What is the Role of a Business and Mindset Coach?


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Whenever I tell people that I am a business and mindset coach for female creative entrepreneurs, I almost always get the same question — “so, what exactly do you do”? While the job title may seem self-explanatory, it can also be so broad. It could honestly mean many different things to different people! So, let’s talk about it, shall we?

Long story short, a business and mindset coach is a professional who supports, educates, and encourages business owners to make powerful shifts in their life to reach their highest potential.

It can include educating them on their subconscious mind, sharing tools to help work through challenging situations, and providing accountability. Also helping business owners discover areas of improvement, helping them gain clarity and direction, and implementing new strategies and tools. With a mix of both mindset and business strategy, clients have a higher rate of success in growing their business and reaching their goals.

One of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner is the fact that we often work alone. This means nobody to keep us accountable, bounce ideas off of, or help us think outside of our regular patterns. It can be harder to find clarity in challenges, and discover the direction we really want to take our business.

A business and mindset coach can help you with all of that!

The role of a business and mindset coach is to listen intently to you, and pick up on the limiting beliefs and disempowering thoughts that might be holding you back. We help you raise your awareness and take inspired action to help you to reach your goals, maybe even ones you once thought weren’t possible.

Sometimes, the best ideas happen during a conversation with someone who really understands what you’re doing with your business. One role a business coach often plays is that of a sounding board for your ideas and a source of information from an expert in your industry. Chances are that your coach will have experienced a similar trajectory to the one you’re on. So, our insight and advice will be invaluable!

For me, it’s about helping creative entrepreneurs stop playing small, transform their lives, and become the highest version of themselves so they can bring their self-defined success to fruition.

Having a coach is about having someone who is there for you and believes in you throughout your entire journey. Someone who knows and believes in what you’re capable of. Starting a business comes with a ton of self-doubt, no matter what phase you’re in. Imposter syndrome, anyone? With a coach by your side, we act as a personal cheerleader to empower you when you face a roadblock in your career journey and most importantly, navigate it with a new mindset and tools.

The right business coach will help you gain clarity and find direction for the things you just can’t Google. They’ll be someone who embodies the type of person you want to be that will empower you on all levels. And while there are so many benefits of having a business and mindset coach, the true value we provide is in the connection, community, and support you receive on a regular basis.

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