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Is a Branding Photography Subscription for you?

Branding Photography

Have you ever wondered if having a regular branding session would benefit your business? Would having updated photos on a monthly or quarterly basis help keep your social media and marketing cohesive?

The answer is often, yes!

However, when signing up for a branding package subscription, a lot of small business owners underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to plan out their session.

how to plan a branding session

For example, Tatum from the Mortgage Tailors has signed up for a monthly branding package. Every month she is required to:

  • create a detailed photo/shot list of the images she wants
  • source 3-4 different outfits that align with her branding colours
  • collect  the props needed for each photo idea on her list

…and then repeating this every single month. Planning this amount of content often can be a lot to add to an already long to-do list for creative entrepreneurs. 

All this to say, when you sign up for a subscription you will always have me in your corner! Every session I’ll help you strategize and create a branding session that provides you with purposeful photos that support your brand and business goals.

personal branding photo library

After working with Tatum for over six months, she has now built up a personal branding photo library that she can access and recycle images from on a regular basis. This is one of the biggest benefits of signing up for regular branding sessions.

Tatum now has 6+ sessions x 30+ images per session = 180+ images that she can use throughout her social media, email marketing, website, blogs, and any other marketing in her family business, The Mortgage Tailors.

Want to get an inside peek at some of the images we’ve created over the last 6 months? Scroll down to see a few of my favourite images from each session!

first session

Two people flipping through mortgage documents during monthly branding session
Blonde woman working on a laptop with a coffee during a monthly branding session
Blonde woman throws monopoly money in the air during a regular branding session

second session

Blonde woman smiling while sitting on a couch in a brightly lit living room during monthly branding session
Womans hands swiping through interior design photos on a smartphone during monthly branding session
View above of person working on a laptop during a regular branding session

third session

Blonde woman exclaiming happily while looking at laptop with a glass of champagne during monthly branding session
Blonde woman sitting on bed with laptop holding a small dogs paw during monthly branding session
Blonde woman out of focus throwing money in the air
Blonde woman out of focus holding champagne up to camera

fourth session

Blonde woman posing on couch with laptop for a regular branding session
Blonde woman out of focus holding sign for a regular branding session
Blonde woman posing on a bench indoors
Blonde woman posing in green dress

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