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Pottery Studio Branding Session

Branding Photography

Today, I’m sharing a recent branding session with Sarah, an incredibly talented potter located here in Edmonton. Her business is called Sarah Bee Pottery and you might know her for her high-quality paint palettes and ceramics.

branding session photo of ceramic paint pallet with brush resting on it

Sarah’s studio is sustainable, and partly powered by solar panels! She has spent the last year switching several items to eco-friendly packaging. She is learning how to make clay recycling a more efficient process and is always ensuring that even pieces with slight flaws can find loving homes. Pop over to her website for more information about the eco-friendly strides she’s making!

It’s this, among many other reasons, that positions Sarah as one of my favourite local Edmonton creative entrepreneurs. She is intentional and operates her business in a way that inspires me in mine.

branding session photo of a woman sitting on the floor holding clear paint palette

the purpose behind her session

Knowing why you need branding photos, aside from having professional photos, is key to a successful session. Photos without purpose and a goal in mind are difficult to use, especially on social media.

Last year, Sarah won a giveaway I hosted for a free branding session. This year, I had the pleasure of working with her for the second time! First, we updated her website, and then I saw her again for an incredible opportunity that came her way.

Sarah is officially on the list of Simon’s Fabrique 1840 “Home of Canadian Creators”. I could not be more excited for her, I love when female entrepreneurs reach new heights within their passion! The work she creates is absolutely amazing, so it was no surprise to me when she shared the news.

branding session photo of a ceramic paint palette and brush resting on a stack of books

branding session photos

Sarah’s shot list for her branding session consisted of:

  1. Multiple updated lifestyle headshots with more outfit choices
  2. Ceramic painting product photos for Simon’s
  3. Additional product photos for her own marketing and website

Typically, I have clients include a few more ideas than Sarah did to fill up a one hour branding session. However, I knew her focus was on multiple headshots and multiple product photos which made up for additional photo ideas.

To see more from Sarah’s session that had her saying, “TRACEY!!!! AHHH that was so fast and they look amazing!!” keep on scrolling, friend!

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