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Skincare Expert Jade of The Skin Educator

Branding Photography

Today, I’m sharing a branding session from a subscription client of mine, Jade from The Skin Educator. Jade is a skincare expert and provides 1:1 virtual skincare consultations to help all women find their best skin. She is truly an expert! In her own words, “I absolutely love creating these detailed skincare plans for women and watching their skin change right before their very eyes”. If you want to book a virtual consultation, she’s launching her new “Skin Squad” soon! 

woman writing notes during skincare consultation
woman showing another woman skincare products from a display case

Jade’s goal with her bi-monthly branding sessions is to create content that promotes her virtual skincare consultations. It also doubles as content for her blog and social media. Two birds with one stone, is my kind of content, too!

woman holding notebooks while smiling in front of a pink wall

Each session we mix in a myriad of images of her working behind the scenes, headshots, in-person consultations, virtual consultations and of course all things skincare. By creating close up images of skincare products and close up “action” shots, she can have more flexibility to use these photos in all the ways mentioned above. Marketing can be easy, friends!

close up of a womans hands as she holds a liquid dropper and drips a skincare product into her free hand
woman with her eyes closed using a pink quartz roller on her forehead

Jade, you’re a walking ray of sunshine and always a pleasure to work with! I truly love the incredible amount of ideas that you have. When we put our brains together, we always make magic and I can’t wait to see the new Skin Squad come to life! Keep scrolling to see more of Jade’s beautiful workspace and smiling face!

woman smiling on an armchair holding her cell phone
woman sitting cross-legged and holding a pink quartz roller in front of her face to the camera
woman smiling into a mirror as she applies a skincare product to her cheeks
woman smiling on a couch with her hands in her lap
close up of a womans hands as she scrolls though her phone
close up of a womans body sitting cross-legged with a computer in her lap

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