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XO & Mane Boutique Branding Session

Branding Photography

Today, I’m sharing a recent branding session from a return client, Sandra, the owner of Sandra Bettina Events, and now the one and only XO & Mane Boutique in St. Albert.

Checkout desk at XO & Mane Boutique in St.Albert, Alberta

About Sandra

I can’t remember my first time meeting Sandra, but I think it was during a wedding we worked on together “back in the day” when I was a wedding photographer. If not, it was during a Tuesdays Together meeting which also feels like forever ago! The point of this story is she is one of my favourite people to work alongside.

Sandra shares, XO & Mane is all about “…focus(ing) on celebrating life, every single day. The little pieces of pretty that spark joy and excitement every day without the need to wait for a big life event. As a wedding planner, she wanted to bring that level of joy throughout our daily lives.

Women reaching for an item on the shelf at XO & Mane Boutique
Woman smiling as she folds new linens

The Session

During this session we focused our time on lifestyle images within her new space, the XO & Mane boutique, which is also the home for Sandra Bettina Events meetings.

Now, if you know Sandra as a wedding planner you know she’s one of the absolute best. If I listed her actual shot list, you’d be reading for the next three minutes (lol). Instead, we culled down her list and rolled over the ideas we couldn’t get to for her future sessions in her branding photography subscription.

Sandra’s shot list:

  • Her and Jill working together on wedding planning
  • Headshot of both
  • Sandra having a “client meeting” presenting a wedding plan
  • Jill merchandising
  • Sandra with her logo / sign
  • Sandra stocking
  • Both working at the computer
  • Their wedding emergency kit

Sandra, you’re always a dream to work with from your insane planning abilities to your sense of humour. You inspire me to make leaps and bounds in my own business as I watch you crush your own business goals. I cannot wait for all of your branding sessions to come!

Scroll on for the rest of the session with Sandra at XO & Mane!

Two women smiling at the checkout desk of XO & Mane Boutique
Two women standing over a table and looking at fabric colour swatches
Woman standing and pointing at a presentation board in a salmon coloured dress
View of a womans hands beside a bouqet of flowers as she flips through colour swatches on a table
Woman sticks out her tongue as she sits on the counter next to XO & Mane Boutique sign
View of a blonde womans head from behind as she sits in a chair with a coffe cup in hand
Women reaching for an item on the shelf at XO & Mane Boutique
Woman standing at the checkout counter of newly opened XO & Mane Boutique in Edmonton Alberta
Blonde woman smiling as she sits at a table with her coffee mug
Owner of XO & Mane Boutique Sandra smiling for a portrait
Womans hand reaching for a large portable aluminum makeup case in front of a pink wall

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