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Goal Setting For The New Year


As we’re just a few weeks away from a new year, thinking about goal setting can be overwhelming for most creative entrepreneurs. We often have so many ideas that choosing just a few to focus on feels restricting. Or, sometimes it’s the complete opposite and we have no idea what goals we want to work towards.

Nonetheless, I have a few tips and steps below to help you get started on your 2022 goal setting for your business. 

Step 1 – Get clear on what you want

First, I want you to use your imagination and envision your highest self, the one who has achieved all that you desire in your life and business. Brainstorm in a journal what comes to mind for you. 

Do you have a visual picture in your head? Describe or draw it. Perhaps you’re feeling specific emotions of peace, calm and organization. Again, write down what is coming to your mind without judgement. Let your imagination free during this time and let it defy all logic and what may or may not feel possible for you.

Second, take what came up for you and condense it into a shorter, more concise version including quantitative details such as how many, a date, etc.

Step 2 – Become aware of why you want it

Now that you’ve gotten some clarity on what it is that you want, and who you want to become. Take your journal and write out why you want to have or be whatever it is that you desire. Again, let your mind be free to express anything that’s coming up for you.

Step 3 – Ensure your goal is measurable

Before you move to the next step, ensure that your goal is measurable and it will be clear to you when you have achieved it. Here’s an example of how a goal can be made measurable and more precise:

I want to gain clients.

I want to gain 5 new clients.

I want to gain 5 new ideal coaching clients.

I want to gain 5 new 1:1 ideal coaching clients by the end of March 2021.

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Step 4 – Decide on a reward for achieving your goal

Hard work without a reward just simply isn’t as fun! Decide on a reward that feels really good to you to reward yourself with once you accomplish your goal. Rewards can be a great way to keep yourself motivated when disempowering beliefs show up and willpower is lacking.

Step 5 – Get an accountability partner or hire a coach

It goes without saying that having someone to keep you accountable when you’re working towards new goals that might feel out of our comfort zone is invaluable. Whether you have a friend who can help you or you decide to hire a business coach, that person must be someone who you can trust. They’ll be there to support you, remind you why you wanted this goal in the first place (Step 2) and to give you some tough love when and if needed.

A business coach can often help you take things one step further to releasing limiting beliefs, identities and other roadblocks that might be standing in your way or sabotaging your success.

Step 6 – Take your goal and break it down into smaller steps

Make your big goals and desires more manageable is another very key step in actually achieving them. It’s like looking at the summit of a mountain and wondering how on Earth you’ll reach it. If you break up the journey into manageable steps, the trek seems easier and it allows you to feel like you’re making progress.

Using a journal, write down all of the things you would need to do in order to reach your goal. Would you have to invest in something? Hire someone? Create a new routine? Learn how to market yourself better? Get clear on your branding? Brainstorm until you feel like there is nothing left to write down.

Step 7 – Break it down again

Using all of the things you brainstormed above, break down these “to-dos” into even smaller steps. Perhaps upgrading your website was something you would need to do to reach your goal? What steps would you be required to take in order to upgrade your website?

  • Hire a website and brand designer
  • Write out the copy
  • Get new branding photos
  • Create a Pinterest mood board
  • etc.

Step 8 – Be aware of how you might fall by the wayside

Knowing yourself well and having the conscious awareness to know where you might falter as you walk the path towards achieving your goals is another secret to reaching them. I know personally that I do well with firm deadlines and seeing things in a visual format.

Because of this, I cannot rely on or use a digital calendar. I thrive when I have a printed, colour coordinated calendar that has all of my deadlines marked. This way I’m proactive and can plan ahead of time.

Make a list of all the ways you might not see your goal to fruition be it fear, self-limitations, worries, disempowering thoughts, unhealthy habits, disempowering patterns etc. Take it a step further and explore why and when these situations / scenarios typically occur so you be proactive.

Now that you have your goal, your why, and the steps it’s going to take to get there laid out it’s time to add them to a calendar! If you don’t have a yearly calendar already, head to my shop and get my printable 2022 calendar. It’s 24×36” and a wonderful way to see your year at a glance and track all of those goals and desires you have!

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