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What Are Branding Photos?


When it comes to your brand, there are so many pieces that make up the big picture. Once you figure out your brand identity, voice, and mission, the next step is to take some photos! Branding photos are a crucial part of building a business that you definitely shouldn’t skip out on. These will of course look different for every business, but generally have the same motive behind them. So let’s really break it down, what are branding photos?

On the surface, branding photos are images used to portray you, your business and your brand. Dig a little deeper, and you could say they are a visual representation of your brand that communicate your abilities, showcase your value and let the world get to know who you are. They help make up your overall brand’s visual identity.

Here are Three Main Purposes of Branding Photos:

Authentic Connection

People want to connect with others who show up online as their authentic self. This doesn’t mean just a funny headshot (although those are great too!), I mean truly being yourself behind the camera 一 scary I know! Connecting with your audience is so important because it builds trust, and trust leads to sales. Ka-ching! Branding photos should reflect YOU, which will help you align yourself with like-minded people and attract your ideal clients. 

Showcase Products or Services

This is maybe an obvious one, but brand photos are a great opportunity to create photos that showcase your services, latest projects and products.Your audience should get a clear picture of what you provide without having to do too much work. The harder it is for them to understand what you do and who you work with, the less likely they are to hire you or buy from you. Also, remember that you need to share about what you do often! Share the benefits instead of the features and you’re off to the races, friend.

Brand Awareness + Recognition

Taking consistent branding photos creates a cohesive aesthetic across all of your marketing from social media to your website. This is what leads to brand recognition and why I created my yearly branding packages / subscriptions. Having your own unique style will set you apart from other people in your field. If you don’t feel like your current brand is reflected in the photos you’re posting, maybe it’s time for a rebrand

I like to think of the purpose around branding photos much like a dating app. Stay with me here… first, we see the photos and decide if we want to read more, right? The same goes for your social media, website and marketing. The quality, authenticity, and professionalism of your photos directly translate into how your clients perceive you and your business. This then determines if they feel they can trust you. When your ideal client feels that they can trust you, they are more apt to buy from or hire you. 

I know I say this all the time but: if done right, your branding photos can be the one thing that truly changes the trajectory of your business.

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