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Why You Need a Branding Photo Shoot


girl with camera branding photo shoot


So, why do you need a branding photo shoot? 

Well first, let’s talk about what exactly a branding photo shoot is:

“A branding photo shoot is a professional photo session that is specifically planned out to give your business custom images that help showcase your overall brand to use on your website, social media, blog posts, email marketing, ads, etc. Each branding session is unique but they often include detailed photos of products, services, and variations of lifestyle headshots.” – TJ

I’m sure your business owner wheels are already turning when it comes to the reasons why this might be important when running a successful business so let’s jump right into why you need a branding photo shoot!

Long story short: Photos create connection, which in turn creates trust, which then creates sales. Boom! Making money moves, girl *high-five*

Okay, let me explain…

boutique shopping branding photo shoot(image taken for GRETZIE PARTH OF GP MAKEUP)

Branding photos help to create that connection between you and your clients because things are not business to business like they once were in our parents age (sorry, Mom and Dad!). It’s all about human connection and your customers and clients want to get to know you, the person / people behind the brand, your “why”, what you do on Saturdays and all of those behind the scenes moments. When we feel like we’re supporting someone we know, buying is easier. Don’t you agree?

Professional photos play a big part in earning your potential clients and customers trust, especially in the online digital age that we’re in. Your website and social media photos are essentially your business’ first impression online, almost like your resume is in a job hiring process. 

Think of all the brands that you love and follow (big, small and local) and imagine if they had poor quality, poorly lit, cellphone photos on their website and social media? Would you take them seriously? Would you be willing to pay top dollar for their products or services?

When your online presence including your photos makes clients feel like you’re a professional and that they can trust you, you can also start charging more! Imagine if you did this from the beginning of owning your business?

I have worked with many brands in the past and I can say for a fact that those who started their business using only professional photos reached a higher success, faster than those who didn’t. It’s a fact.

girl with scrunchies branding photo shoot

Take the above image of Ashley, the owner of Moonstone Mane, as an example. When Ashley first started this scrunchie venture of hers, @moonstonemane, she wasn’t sure if signing up for my yearly package made sense just yet. She was a really new business, and who knows if a year down the road she would even be doing this anymore.

BUT, she also knew starting her business with quality content to showcase her products for her website, social media, etc. was essential to create a cohesive brand that her customers loved, resonated with and took seriously. Since our very first initial meeting she’s grown immensely, has launched a new Spring and Summer line and is even adding new products to the Moonstone brand with her Fall line right around the corner!

At the end of the day we don’t have time to do it all, even though we think wearing all the hats in our business will save us money. By trying to do it all, we have to sacrifice something and I can promise you, your branding photos aren’t the place. Branding photos are a now thought even when it’s hard to know if investing the money will be worth it, even when sometimes you’re a little low on said money and even when you’re still working that “9-5” to make things happen!

My best piece of advice: If you can’t invest in your business, why would anyone else?


Have questions about booking a branding session? Head over to my FAQ section!


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