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Group Coaching For Women Entrepreneurs


It’s currently launch season for The Evolving Entrepreneur, my 4 month group coaching program for creative women entrepreneurs! The program is for business owners who are ready to:

  • grow their business and discover the next steps to move it forward
  • elevate their mindset and stop playing small even though it feels scary
  • increase their self-confidence and stop second guessing themselves
  • ditch imposter syndrome and step into their highest potential
  • ready to believe in themselves and that they can be successful

With the Spring cohort wrapping up in June 2022, the alumni have been sending over their testimonials around their experience and I thought I would share one! As a someone who is always investing in new coaching opportunities, I know the value that hearing from another student who has already taken the program can be.

So, here is a testimonial from a recent 2022 Evolving Entrepreneur alumni in the format of a mini interview:

Incredible, right?!

Every single time, the creative women entrepreneurs who join this group coaching program blow me away. Seeing them step into their power, gain confidence in themselves and live out their highest potential is beyond inspiring. It’s what we all deserve as business owners, right?!

To learn more about The Evolving Entrepreneur, you can head over here! Or, you can also pop over to my Instagram highlight too, here.

Applications for the program are currently open, and will close on August 19th, 2022 at 11:59pm MST. If you’re interested in joining The Evolving Entrepreneur, you can apply here.

I will review your application to ensure that your goals are aligned with the transformation that the program provides, and then it’s off to the races friend! I’ll send over everything to make things official, your Welcome Guide, and the link to book your first 1-on-1 call.

The first coaching call of the program is on September 7th, from 5-7pm MST. You will graduate on December 21st, 2022. If you have any questions, please reach out here!

Will the group coaching program open again?

Once applications close, the next opportunity to join the program will be in about seven months in mid-March 2023. To stay in the loop, and receive a few exclusive perks you can hop on the 2023 Interest List, here.

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