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storm mountain lodge engagement photos Tracey jazmin

Storm Mountain Lodge Engagement

“This was the one, right here!” she said as she pointed to the East Pine cabin at Storm Mountain Lodge, the very place he had proposed nestled within the Rocky Mountains on the border of Alberta and British Columbia. Brendan and Margaret chose the Storm Mountain Lodge because it was a place that had a …

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Muttart Conservatory Engagement

He packed their bags, had her work convince her she had a conference out of town for the weekend, bought their tickets, planned an entire weekend of romance and, after proposing over what she thought was a simple breakfast date before she left, drove straight to the airport and flew her to NYC for the …

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Edmonton lifestyle blogger

Edmonton Lifestyle Blogger

I really miss when creative projects and weddings end. I don’t like it when they’re over. I miss the people. I miss the connection. I miss it all. I’m thankful that most of my clients and creatives, from weddings to web design, that I work with often become friends that I get to chat with regularly and even hangout …

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jasper engagement session

Jasper Engagement Session

Mountains, mountains and more mountains! I kid you not every couple I have booked in the last three months wants their engagement photos in the mountains – and I mean, can you blame them?! Ashley and Will decided on a Jasper engagement session and seeing as Will had yet to visit Jasper specifically, it seemed …

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california trip

Our Trip to California

Personal photos always seems to get bumped to the bottom of my to do list no matter what. It could be the dead of winter and I promise you I’ll find something better to do! They’re like having to go to the dentist and mopping the floor – two things I would avoid like the …

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